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Play Poker UK | How To Play | Texas Holdem Poker

Holdem poker is the most popular version of the online poker games and once you learn how to play Texas Holdem poker you should be able to pick up the other variations with no problem. The aim of the game is to win money or chips from the other players by either having the best hand or bluffing them in to folding their cards. Learning how to play Texas Holdem poker is fairly easy once you have a basic grasp of the games rules and Texas Holdem Poker Hands so that you know whats hot or not.

The Start of the Game

A game of poker starts at the dealer, this is normally the first person seated at the table. The dealer position is always marked out by a button or place marker and after ever round of poker is completed it moves a place to the left. Before any of the cards are dealt out a small and big blind bets are placed on the table by the two players sat left of the dealer button. The small and big bet amounts are relevant to the game you are playing.

Hole Cards

Each player sat round the table is dealt one card at a time until they have two cards each. In Texas Holdem these two cards personal cards are dealt out face down so no one else can see them.

A Round of Betting

After the players have looked at the cards they can decide whether or not they want to continue in the game. Betting begins with the player sat to the left of the blinds; either folding, matching or raising the amount of the big blind. The betting goes around the table and the players must agree on the amount they want to bet to see the next card.

The Flop

After the first round of betting is completed three community cards are dealt out for all the players to see, these cards are dealt out face up in the middle of the table. In poker terminology this is called the flop and there are five cards available to the players now. After the flop the second round of betting begins, once again it starts with the player seated one place left of the dealer.

The Turn

After the turn betting has finished the fourth communal card is revealed to the players, also known as 4th street the turn brings on a third round of betting.

The River

Last but not least comes the river card, In Texas Holdem poker this is the last community card to be dealt out. Before the remaining players show their cards there is a final round of betting. Once this is completed there is a showdown where the cards are shown and the hand is concluded. The player or players holding the best hand share or win the pot.

Once the hand of poker has been completed and the showdown is over the game starts again. The position of the dealer is rotated around the table one place to the left and any players left in the game can continue. Good starting hands can often make or break your choice to stay in the game, unless online bluffing is your strong point.